Special Events

Photo Booth Hire for Special Events

New Years Eve Parties
New Years Eve will always be a night to remember! Why not add the excitement of a New Years Eve photo booth rental from PhotoZania Photo Booth! Once that curtain closes, there is no telling what your guests will be doing inside the booth to celebrate the New Year. With unlimited sessions, your guests will take home their very own memories of the night.

Christmas / Holiday Parties
Christmas / Holiday parties are yet another great occasion for a photo booth rental from PhotoZania Photo Booth. Having a photo booth rental at your next Holiday party will not only keep your guests staying later, but will also have them talking about what a great idea you had by having a photo booth at their Holiday party. The instant photos along with online web gallery will keep those memories alive for months to come.

Halloween Parties
Halloween photo booth rentals are becoming more and more popular. Your guests will be arriving in all sorts of goofy, creepy costumes so why not allow them to capture the memories inside a Halloween photo booth rental from PhotoZania Photo Booth. Some of your guests may have spent a lot of time creating their hysterical costumes and would love to be striking silly poses while collecting high quality photos on the spot. Make your Halloween party THE one to remember!

Part excitement, part photographer, part entertainment... fully funky!

No matter which package you choose, you get free unlimited photos. That’s right, free!! Some of our competitors require payment for online photos; we do not. Three days after your reception every photo is online for you and your guests to download, save and share.