Do-It-Yourself Steel Garages

Steel has been a commonly used material for garage construction since the earliest days of the twentieth century. Garage buildings made from steel offer a solution for your storage needs that is very affordable. New techniques have been incorporated into steel garage construction thanks to the development of new technologies. Do-It-Yourself or DIY kits are the latest trend for steel garages, allowing people to build their own steel garages from readymade kits.

There is a wide array of sizes and styles available for steel garage buildings. Steel garages are found most commonly in an arch style. In the arch style, an arc behaves as both the sidewall of the building, and the roof. There is also a rigid frame format, and a straight roof format. Garages can also be found in many patterns, like Mohave, Sierra, Sonoran, Gambrel and Teton. Galvanized steel panels are available in a wide variety of colors, including burgundy, patina green, dark blue, charcoal grey, antique bronze, brown, ivory and white.

Steel garage kits that are custom designed are also available from various manufacturers. Kits like these have to be assembled on site, and are not meant to be assembled by the home owner. The steel material is pre-engineered, then built on a foundation. The steel structure is then inserted into the foundation, and fixed in with bolts. The end walls and garage doors are added last. There are also accessories like lights and windows, truss bracing and sky lights which can be added to garage kits.

There are unique advantages over traditional buildings which can be found in steel garage buildings. Steel garage buildings are economical, as well as easy to construct within only a day or two. They only require a minimal amount of labor, and because the steel is resistant to threats like fire, hail, earthquake and hurricane, the insurance costs are generally less. Steel garage buildings can be modified easily, and extended as needed. Pricing for steel garage buildings is competitive, at approximately $5 per square foot to start.

There are several different builders and designers who offer designs for steel garage buildings. There are many local contractors who are available to help manage the assembly of these garage systems, but they are also easy to assemble by yourself if you are using a do-it-yourself kit. Steel garage structures are guaranteed for up to thirty years because of their durability.

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